Friday, September 7, 2007

Regular Season Schedule for Posts

Though my day job might prevent me from getting things done on time, I'm going to try and follow the schedule below when it comes to posting about game predictions for 2007. These posts will also mean a temporary dropoff in the number of creative articles, but it's also important to test the ideas that I do have on a new season.

By Monday night - Accuracy report on predictions over weekend and overall (at the end of the season I'll compare my methods with others')
By Wednesday night - Win probabilities given in-game statistics and up-to-date expected win totals
By Friday night - Power rankings and predictions

Keep in mind that I'm on Pacific time, and I am also running this blog alone. So I might be tardy in getting predictions up at times. Kinks will have to be worked out during the season. Barring any major hindrances, though, you'll still see plenty of great and unique content this season.