Monday, September 10, 2007

Reader Feedback

Thanks to some well-placed links, I'm now receiving about 20-30 visitors a day from around the world. It's not much, but I'm glad to have some regular customers given the lack of publicity I've been making myself. Some of you have conversed with me about the content through e-mail, which I appreciate. But I'd like to get a larger exchange of ideas going, so please leave comments, complaints, suggestions, ideas, questions, etc. If you were thinking of running an experiment yourself but can't easily obtain the data, I can give it a shot and post the results. Give a hoot, won't you?


Jordan said...

I came across your site while trying to find H.F.A. stats by weeks. My friend believed that H.F.A. increased throughout the season. I'd be happy with just a comparison of home team win pct. in wks 1-8 vs. wks 9-17. Great blog by the way. I will definitely bookmark it.

Derek said...

Already done but from the perspective of home field climate.

As you'd expect, as summer turns to winter, warm weather teams lose some home field advantage, and cold weather teams gain some home field advantage. Dome teams are screwed any which way.